Professional English Phrasebook

Do you want to sound more professional when using English?

This collection of phrases is a great starting point for any English learner who works in a business or corporate environment and wants to improve their English skills. If you are looking for some simple yet effective phrases to improve your confidence and sound more professional at work, this eBook is for you.

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What you’ll be able to do with this eBook:

Use professional-sounding English in your daily work

Learn phrases and vocabulary for typical corporate contexts like meetings, negotiations, presentations, and conferences

Sound more professional and competent when you communicate in English at work

Cursos de Ingles Professional English Phrasebook

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Do you feel like it’s finally time to get your English under control?
Are you tired of feeling foolish or lacking confidence using English at work?

This phrasebook can help.

It is a collection of English phrases that you can use in different professional situations.
You can use it to supplement your existing English level to feel more in control using the language in business and beyond.

In case we haven’t met...

My name is Christina Jones and I am a Business English Coach.

Christina Jones Cursos de Ingles para ejecutivos

That means I help people develop the mindset, habits and language skills they need to communicate with confidence at work. I’m originally from the US (Denver, Colorado to be exact) but I’ve been living in Seville, Spain since 2005. In that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of language learners and even managed a language school where we prepared students for external qualifications.

One of the things many of our students told us was that while they felt comfortable using English in the classroom and in academic situations, they often felt unprepared to use English in professional contexts because they aren’t often covered in general English exams.

So, in 2021, I left the language school and started coaching business professionals online. In that time, I’ve worked with dozens of students one on one and caught a glimpse into what they perceive as their problems with English.

One of those problems is that they often feel unprofessional when they have to use English and worry that their clients, colleagues and managers are judging them based on the English they are using.

One of the reasons for this is that they have never really learned phrases and vocabulary associated with common business situations. So, in our coaching sessions, we set out to fill the gaps in their vocabulary knowledge to help them feel more confident and professional communicating in English at work.

After a while, I realized that many of my clients had problems with the same situations, so I decided to compile all my lists of phrases together into one long phrasebook, organized by context and complete with translations. That’s how this phrasebook was born.

Who the phrasebook is for:

How to use it:

I’ve categorized different business situations into separate sections. ​

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