About me

Hello! I’m Christina, and I’m here to help you excel in English, including Business English and English for work. Originally from Colorado, USA, I now call Seville, Spain, my home. With nearly 20 years experience, I’m an English language expert and a certified Neurolanguage Coach, so you’re in capable hands.

In addition, I hold two master’s degrees in English language teaching and have had the honor of working as a teacher and director at language schools in Seville for many years, specializing in English for work. During my time as a professional, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned experts in the field of English language teaching, enriching my knowledge and teaching methods. As a certified examiner for two major English examination boards, I know the ins and outs of English proficiency. I can guide you to success in workplace communication and confident travel experiences.

My coaching is all about making your language journey enjoyable and effective, whether it’s for business, travel, or general communication. I’ve dedicated myself to helping adults like you improve their English skills for success in the workplace and confident travel experiences.

When I’m not working as a coach, I love spending time outdoors with my dogs, Lore and Sherpa, and my husband, Martín. I practice yoga daily and enjoy learning new languages, such as French and Spanish, in addition to my desire to learn Italian in the future.

Whether it’s for work, leisure, or business English needs, I’m here to make your English language journey effective and fun. Feel free to get in touch anytime for more information or to start working on your language goals. Let’s make learning English an adventure together!