Executive English is aimed at professionals looking for 1-to-1 English language coaching. If you’re feeling ready to super-charge your confidence and competence in English, this is the course for you.

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Let me guess...

You are great at your job and have lots of ideas about how to help your company, sector and clients, but you feel like your English is holding you back.

In addition, you’ve spent a lot of time learning English, maybe even have some certificates, but still feel like an imposter or freeze up when you have to communicate in English.

You’re worried that your clients and colleagues find you incompetent or unprofessional simply because of the way you speak English, so you avoid speaking up in meetings and shy away from sharing your brilliant ideas that can really make a difference for your company and your career.

Christina Jones Cursos de Ingles para ejecutivos

Don’t worry! You are not alone.

I have created the Executive English coaching program precisely for people like you.

I’ve helped frustrated, nervous and timid professionals from all sectors feel confident and competent in meetings and conference calls, when giving presentations in English and when writing emails and reports.

In case we haven’t met...

I’m Christina.

I am originally from the US, but I’ve been living in Europe since 2005. I studied French for years and years, and actually graduated with a BA in French Language and Literature, but when I moved to France, I felt like I couldn’t understand a word. Although I had supposedly reached a very high level of the language, I felt like an imposter all the time. I avoided talking to people or gave very short answers to questions (“bien sûr” was my favorite expression). I felt like people always judged me when I made grammar mistakes or didn’t completely understand what they were saying. This feeling only got worse when I started working. (I worked in a hotel and later at a school) I actively avoided talking to colleagues and hid from clients.

Due to my fear of seeming unprofessional or incompetent, I actually became unprofessional and incompetent. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Christina Jones Cursos de Ingles para ejecutivos

However, a few years later, when I moved to Spain to get certified as an English Language Teacher, I promised myself I would never make that mistake again. I would prioritize communication over perfection, and try to “fail forward,” meaning strategically make mistakes to learn from. I started learning Spanish on my own (I didn’t know anything at all when I arrived in the country), and to my surprise, I was able to conduct most of my daily life entirely in Spanish after about 3 months. Failing, and learning from failure can be a very powerful strategy.

This is a philosophy I’ve taken with me as I’ve helped hundreds of people feel more confident and comfortable communicating in English over these past 15 or so years, and that’s what I want to share with you in the Executive English program.

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After completing the 10 sessions you’ll:

Feel more confident using English at work

Communicate more clearly and effectively

Use professional vocabulary and powerful structures to make things happen ​

Be closer to showing off the professional you are, even when you’re using English

What you’ll get:

What people I have worked with have said about me:

HR Coach, Trainer, Professor and Author
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“Christina es muy amanea y muy enfocada, además es muy amigable, y cariñosa. SIMPLEMENTE GENIAL. VOLVERE A TOMAR SESSIONES CON ELLA. ALTAMENTE RECOMENDADA.”
Marketing Director in a Multinational Corporation
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Christina es justo la profesional que estaba buscando. Simpática, divertida, dinámica y muy sociable. Me encanta! Es la mejor profesora de inglés que he tenido en mi vida!
Marketing Manager
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TOTALMENTE RECOMENDABLE!!!!!! Las sesiones con Christina son muy divertidas, se me pasa el tiempo volando y nunca me había pasado eso con otro profesor. Aprendes cosas nuevas y aprovechas cada minuto. Se nota que le encanta su trabajo y que es muy dedicada para ofrecerte la clase que necesitas según tus objetivos.
Project Manager, Industrial Engineer
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Thanks to Christina I feel now more confident to face a job interview in English. My classes with her were very useful, I recommend them 100%.
Health Care Technician
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In my opinion, the interview course has been complete and the materials so useful. Not only has it made me feel more confident in an interview also I feel more comfortable speaking English in general.

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How it works:

We have a free 30-minute online consultation

...to discuss your three main challenges with English. We also discuss your availability. Risk-free. No strings attached.

I’ll design your personalized learning program

....and check it with you before we start.

I send you the pre-lesson materials

Before each session, I send you the pre-lesson materials that you can work on in your own time.

We have our online session where you get to put your new skills into practice.

I offer feedback and support where needed.

I’ll send you some homework to do to reinforce

After the session, I’ll send you some homework to do to reinforce the concepts we covered in the session.

I’ll also send you a summary of our lesson

...including what we covered that day, what you’ve done well and some suggestions for things to continue working on.

The last session is a retrospective session

...where we measure your progress and decide on the next steps to take to continue improving your English.

Examples of some of the topics I have worked on with past clients:

And many more…

Executive English Program

Personalized Professional English
  • Fixed timetable with flexibility
  • Personalized Program
  • All materials included

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