How to sound professional: Introducing yourself

We all know it’s important to make a positive first impression, and having the correct, professional English to do that can make all the difference. The introductions you’ve practiced in English class may not be entirely appropriate in a corporate context. Try using these phrases instead the next time you introduce yourself to new colleagues or clients in English. You’ll seem very professional and put-together.

I’m ___ and I work for ___.

Spanish: Soy __ y trabajo para __.

Example: I’m Christina and I work for ABC International.

I’m based in ___.

Spanish: Estoy ubicado/a en___

Example: I’m based in Seville, Spain but I often travel to other cities in Spain.

Let me introduce myself. I’m ___.

Spanish: Permítame presentarme.

Example: Let me introduce myself. I’m Christina.

I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m ___.

Spanish: No creo que nos hayamos conocido antes.

Example: I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Christina.

Please, call me ___.

Spanish: Por favor, llámame ___.

Example: Please, call me Christina.

Try out using some of these phrases in the comments below!

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